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Read what some of our satisfied pet ownershave said about the Buddy Bowl.

R. Hogan: Jefferson Twp Search & Rescue, KY

"I got to say, This is absolutely the best water bowl out there...Drove 200 miles over some rugged roads and not one drop was spilled..! If you don't have one, GET ONE!!"

D. Harding of Janesville, WI

"**LOVE** the Buddy Bowl! I no longer have a puppy swimming pool in my kitchen and significantly less puppy drool everywhere. Yippee! :D"

The Kentucky Humane Society

"The Buddy Bowl is awesome!"

C. Heinrich of Berlin, Germany

"We are buying Buddy Bowls to especially use on our yacht."

B. Bixler of Indianapolis, IN

"Had my dogs outside for an hour this morning while I went to the grocery. Filled the metal bowl with fresh water...when I came home and let them in, they went straight to the Buddy Bowl :-)"

D. Weeks on Facebook

"This thing ROCKS!! Thank you for making us a happy, dry household!'

S. Cheek of Louisville, KY

"My boys (dogs) LOVE their BUDDY BOWL - when it is empty they bring it to me."

L. Englund of Sweden

"Like, like, like...!!"

C. Cast on Facebook

"I purchased this bowl for my puppy who rides with me as I work. It is the most kickass product I've every used. Haven't had a spill and it's easy for him to drink from. I recommend this to everyone I know!!"

A. Anderson of Canada

"I was told by my trainer that this is THE bowl to have..."

TJ Butt on Facebook

"I got a Buddy Bowl for my new K9 partner when we're in the car and it worked so well at keeping him from spilling that I got one for the house as well. Good for not spilling and not slobbering all over the place. Thanks."

R. Bleeker of Sierra Vista, AZ

"This is the second Buddy Bowl we have purchased...our dog refuses to drink from any other dish."

A. Lamb on Facebook

"Euchre loves the Buddy Bowl and shares it with the cat!"

C. Drake of San Luis Obispo, CA

"We bought one of your Buddy Bowls for our standard poodle who travels everywhere with us in our motorhome. It works GREAT!"

R. Mareuil of Washington, D.C.

"We love your product, thank you for coming up with such a great idea! (Uses it for his cat.)

C. Smith of Panama City Beach, FL

"As an engineer I've seen good designs, bad designs and every now and then a truly elegant design. The Buddy Bowl is truly an elegant design. I love that it seals tightly...heavy duty plastic. Most of all it solved our problem of a messy drinking dog."

B. Sutton of Lawrence, KS

"I just came back from lunch and found my dog in his crate asleep with his Buddy Bowl."

C. Van Leeuwen of San Diego, CA

"Tig has those long ears and they are safely out of the water bowl. Thanks for your great design. Also while on the road for shows, I don't need to be concerned with spilled water."

M. Mader of Fairband, Alaska

"I have 5 Buddy, office, RV, and two vehicles. Love them!"

M. Eldridge on Facebook

"This is all my dog will drink out of!!! Best bowl in the world!"