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Buddy Bowl

Supreme Quality, Non-Toxic, and Spill-Proof PetBowls for Indoor and Outdoor Uses

Spill-Proof Water Bowls for Pets

The Original Buddy Bowl is a spill-proof pet water bowl. Our bowls are non-toxic and safe. Made in the USA by a dog lover who was sick of wet socks, the spill-proof bowls enable your loving pets to drink fresh, clean water at their convenience.

The Buddy Bowl is a patented and unique funnel design. Some have tried to copy it, but there is no alternative to the Original Buddy Bowl. 

Less Splash, No More Puddles

The Original Buddy Bowl is a patented and unique funnel design that only allows a little water out at a time. Since dogs drink with their tongues they are able to get the hydration they need with less mess than an open bowl of water. There are many who have tried to copy this innovative design, but there is no alternative to the Original Buddy Bowl.

The Original Buddy Bowl

R. Hogan: Jefferson Twp Search & Rescue, KY

"I got to say, This is absolutely the best water bowl out there...Drove 200 miles over some rugged roads and not one drop was spilled..! If you don't have one, GET ONE!!"

D. Harding of Janesville, WI

"**LOVE** the Buddy Bowl! I no longer have a puppy swimming pool in my kitchen and significantly less puppy drool everywhere. Yippee! :D"

The Kentucky Humane Society

"The Buddy Bowl is awesome!"

The Perfect Bowl For Your Travel Companion

Pets find it difficult to eat and drink while traveling. The Original Buddy Bowl offers pet travel water bowls that are perfect for road trips and outdoors. The bowl is 99% spill-proof. Therefore, even when you give your pet to eat something in the car or other vehicle, you don't have to worry about the mess.

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    Our patented funnel design holds its water, even when upside down.

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    Less Mess

    Keeps long ears and beards dry, cutting down on dribble. No more wet socks!

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    Healthy & Safe

    Prevent dehydration at home and on the go. Will not leech metal toxins into the water.

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New Colors Available

The Original Buddy Bowl for your pets in blue color
The Original Buddy Bowl for your pets on a wooden table