Read The Original Buddy Bowl’s FAQs

Remember, pets drink with their tongues, NOT their noses. The Original Buddy Bowl will prevent the mess on your floor and your dogs ears and jowls.

The Original Buddy Bowl is close as you can get to spill-proof! The bowl only allows a little water out at a time. The funnel system prevents major spillage if your pet tips the bowl over, but there may be a few drips.

Please visit our Instruction page to see the assembly instructions. All seals should be locked in the multilayer design in order to get the best protection.

Wash with warm sudsy water. (Vinegar also works.) Rinse well.

Heat and activity of your pet will vary your pet's need for water. Many small drinks throughout the day are the best for your pet instead of large gulps a couple of times a day.

The Original Buddy Bowl is made of food grade safe, BPA free plastic. Stainless steel bowls may leach metals and other toxins in your pet's water and are not as travel friendly. Furthermore, there are NO USA regulations for imports on pet products. The Original Buddy Bowl is Made in the USA.

Your Buddy Bowl should rattle when you shake it. It is the check valve.
Is the Original Buddy Bowl meant for cats?
Yes! The 32oz bowl is best designed for smaller pets and cats.

Yes! The 32oz bowl is best designed for smaller pets and cats. 

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